• Ankara University Faculty of Law
  • Anadolu University Department of Social Services
  • Ataturk High School
  • T.R. Ministry of Justice Conciliation Training
  • T.R. Ministry of Justice Expert Mediation Training
  • T.R. Ministry of Justice Family and Inheritance Law Qualified Calculations Expertise Training

Specialized Areas

  • Family Law and Inheritance Law (Expert Witness)
  • Women’s Rights
  • Administrative law
  • Mediation (Expert Mediator)
  • Criminal Law (Conciliator)
  • Enforcement – ​​Bankruptcy Law


  • Union of Turkish Bar Associations
  • Ankara Bar Association
  • Ankara Bar Association Gelincik Center President (2015-2022)
  • Member of the Executive Board of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations to Combat Violence
  • AAC Mediation Center Board Member

Activities and Events Attended as a Trainer/Speaker

  • R. Ministry of Interior and UNFPA “Women and Children’s Rights Education on the Basis of Human Rights, Local Authorities”
  • Ankara Bar Association “Prevention of Violence Against Women and Gender Inequality” Training
  • Isparta Bar Association “Implementation of Law no. 6284 and Gender Equality” Event
  • Şanlıurfa Bar Association “Implementation and Practices of Law no. 6284” Program
  • Malatya Bar Association “International Women’s Day Event”
  • Çankaya University “Current View on Women’s Rights Panel”
  • Ufuk University “Function of Turkish Civil Law in Combating Violence Against Women” Panel
  • Ankara University Idea Platform “Dating Violence” Event
  • Mavikapı Association “The Role of Men in Preventing Discrimination and Violence against Women” Event
  • Entrepreneurial Lawyers Association “Workshop on Preventing All Kinds of Discrimination Against Women and Men and Women’s Rights”
  • ASMMMO “Violence Against Women and Recommendations for Solutions” Event
  • TMMOB “We Women Talk About Our Rights”


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